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This is the official Team site for Isra Parkour, Anything about the team is all on here.

Isra Parkour is willing to work with others for projects of many kinds. If you are interested or looking for people to perform, represent or accompany then don't hesitate to drop in an enquiry.

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A few of the team members have found something great. So great it makes Alfred the Great look not so great. "What is it", you ask? Gym...  Yes thats right, some of us have been attending gym sessions every weekend. They are great and personally Id like to thank Team Evolution of for setting up such a great place to learn and commune. Big thank-you goes out to Anthony too for allowing the art to be practiced in what seems to me like a world class gym, it truly is amazing. I will be placing up a permanent link on the Jams page full of information on the gym for all those who take the art seriously and want to learn. The Isra parkour Forum has been removed due to inactivity and bots taking over.  Luke Dickman has been welcomed to the team, info can be found in the guestbook and a profile will be put up asap ALSO James Jefferies is on board! Profile up and g/b signed!

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